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For the first time ever, I reveal to the public dozens of next-level CEO scaling strategies used by startup unicorn companies, mergers and acquisition brokers, plus elite military strategies I've used to take startups from $0 to over $100 million in annual sales... or more.

Hi. My name is Fred Smith. Since 1996 I've worked with thousands of business owners, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts to align their passions with their profits.

I show my clients how to survive, profit, and thrive in the toughest of any industry, in any vertical, and now I bring it directly to you. I also keep my clients and the public up-to-date on significant marketing, advertising and technology shifts that affect high-level decisions that trickle down to any business niche or marketplace.

Within my Next Level CEO course you will find some of the most unique and inspiring business growth models ever seen or developed on the planet; and it hasn't been easy discovering this.

For almost two decades straight I used to travel so much, hopping from plane to plane and business to business, that I would spend only about 9 days out of the month with my family just so I could get the job done.



Some Of The Strategies And Tactics I Would Train CEOs, Startups, And Even Companies Exclusively In The Online Marketing Space Include:

  • Learning from a battle-tested Marine and CEO who can roll up his sleeves and put in work online and offline to see what's currently working in advertising, sales and marketing, and business development... and what's not.
  • Getting access to organizational and business development and conflict resolution information that's tough to find yet explained in a simple, easy-to-understand way so you can apply it today.
  • Transforming your business with high-level closing and communication strategies that work as seamlessly as Bumblebee transforming from car to robot when qualifying prospective clients.
  • Getting inspired by someone who's been through the tough times and made it out of the desert... literally stranded... to being a positive driving force in the automotive industry for years without being salesy, pushy, or inauthentic.
  • And much, much more. 

I promised Him that if I got out of the Persian Gulf alive that I would spend my days doing good and serving others. And I do.

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business In Total Alignment With Your Dreams, Goals And Aspirations 

When I left the Marines, I took those same skills I learned to crush it in the automotive industry both on the retail side of dealerships and on the manufacturing side as well.

All of my military experience, combined with scaling up several startup insurance companies from $0 to over $100 million in annual sales is what I bring to you through my next Level CEO Course of Action.

You won't find this eclectic combination of alchemy anywhere else. I take my experience in the online and offline worlds and handle knowledge gaps in "startups, stuckies, and scalers."

I practice my craft daily as both a solopreneur and CEO of PDOCS Labs.

Results-driven leadership on all levels, from startup coaches, consultants, and business owners to mergers and acquisitions.

I've been doing this all my life. And now I bring it to you to help you flourish and prosper with your authentic voice and leadership style in a world of counterfeits and copycats. Are you ready to get started?

"Next Level CEO is the perfect solution for anyone who's stuck, wants out of their current situation, starting from scratch... or ready to scale."

No Need To Hide Behind "Imposter Syndrome" Or Anything Else That Dulls The Pain

We understand CEOs are under constant pressure to grow their businesses and meet ever-increasing demands.

And here's the best part: we also know the challenges of being a CEO can be overwhelming because we're practitioners as well.

Sometimes we all get constantly pulled in different directions, and it's hard to know which way to turn next.

That's where Next Level CEO comes in.

Finally, someone who knows the landscape, from experience, offers unique and tested innovative development strategies with programs that can help you grow your business, manage your team, and stay ahead of the curve without taking away from the things you love to do. With our help and real-time methodology, you'll be able to take your business and life to the next level.

I am very familiar with applying real-world principles that actually work.

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We don't have to do this alone. Control your circumstances with the power of Next Level CEO.

Almost anyone can take control of their business and life, but sometimes it feels impossible. We don't always have the time or the energy to learn all of these new things.

It's hard to feel in control when you're constantly being pulled in different directions. You don't have time for this, and you definitely don't want to invest resources on something that might not work.

Next Level CEO bridges that gap. We reveal our exact strategies we use every day, in real-time, so that you can take control of your environment, unpredictable situations, and your life.

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