The Only People Who Aren't Suffering Are The Ones Taking Control.

We've all been exposed to the game in one way or another. At some level, it's not your fault that you're struggling, and it's not your fault that you're playing by someone else's rules. 

The only people who aren't suffering at some level are those who have finally decided to take control of their lives and play by their own rules. They don't follow a script. They make up new scripts as they go along.

You can join them if you want, but it won't be easy...and there will be haters! If you really want to live an authentic life, then this podcast will begin giving you the tools necessary for success in any endeavor that requires mental toughness (which seems like everything these days).


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This podcast isn't just about just getting money; it's about living a fulfilling life - whether it's being successful at work, in your business, or building meaningful relationships with friends, family members and your community.


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